Safety Management System (SMS) Plan

The Naples Airport Authority and the Safety Action Team have created a Safety Management System (SMS) Plan which is designed to engage all Airport personnel in fostering a “safety culture” within the organization.  It is the responsibility of every employee to think of safety as an integral part of the Airport’s organizational culture and ensure that everyone is working together to provide a safe and efficient working environment. While the Authority has established reasonable safety guidelines, it is the responsibility of each person to apply both technical knowledge and basic common-sense principles to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Below you will find links to the SMS Plan as well as the award and incentive programs that are designed to recognize specific safety achievements and a prolonged commitment to safety and remaining accident free.  Additionally, below is a link to the Safety Hazard Report Form, where staff may report issues or incidents.

Safety is the top priority for everyone at the Naples Airport Authority, and we are pleased to announce our new Safety Management System (SMS) Plan. Your Safety Action Team has worked hard over the past several years to develop a plan that not only outlines safety policies and procedures but also ways to recognize and reward individuals who uphold these standards and maintain an excellent record of safety.

There are 4 pillars at the center of the SMS Plan and they serve as the foundation for the entire program. These pillars, and the plan itself, are key in promoting and fostering a culture of safety within the Authority. This culture of safety will help all of us to integrate safe behaviors into everything that we do, rather than think of them as separate tasks to be accomplished.

The SMS Plan also outlines the incentive and award programs that recognize both specific safety achievements and a sustained commitment to safety and accident prevention.  The programs give the opportunity for the Authority to provide a tangible recognition to staff who exemplify the culture of safety that we all take so much pride in.

Use the buttons to the right to explore the awards programs, nominate a coworker to be a Safety Champion, and to report a hazard. The full Safety Management System Plan can be found below.

Safety Program Documents

Safety Management System Plan (SMS)Safe Behavior Incentive ProgramSafety Champion Award ProgramSafety Champion Nomination FormAccident-Free Pin and Award ProgramSafety Hazard Form