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This Notice of Intended Decision to Enter into a Single Source Contract is posted in accordance with Section 287.057(3), Florida Statutes.

AGENCY: Naples Airport Authority

TITLE: Motorized Shades
Short description of the commodity or service desired: 12 PV 128 Window Shades

Name: Linda Jackson Best
Address: 160 Aviation Drive North, Naples FL 34104
Telephone: 239-643-0733

Internal tracking number, if any: n/a
DMS Single Source number, if applicable: n/a

Date posted: 7/29/2022 Time posted: 11:00 a.m.

Commodity or Contractual Service (commodity or United Nation Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC), manufacturer, model, and description, as appropriate):
This description of commodities or contractual services intended for purchase from a single source is posted in accordance with Sections 120.57(3) and 287.057(3), Florida Statutes, and will remain posted for a period of at least 7 business days to adher to a strict project schedule. Prospective vendors shall provide information regarding their ability to supply the following motorized window shades as described below.

PV 128 Motorized Window Shades

    Model                                                           Quantity
1. PV128 Motorized Primary Window         Shades 12
2. PV128 Motorized Secondary Window    Shades 8
3. Shipping

Requestor (division, bureau, office, individual, as appropriate): Naples Airport Authority

Performance and/or Design Requirements (intended use, function or application, compatibility, requirements; reference to policy, rule, statute or other act of the Legislature, as appropriate):
The project includes replacing the current shades with the PV128 motorized shades for a total of 20 motorized shades

Intended Single Source:


Justification for Single Source Purchase (what is necessary and unique about the commodity, contractual service, or source; steps taken to confirm unavailability of competition, as appropriate):
The Authority will replace the current shades, manufactured by Plastic-View, in the tower with their motorized shades, form fit and function will not be compromised.

Approved By (names & titles, as appropriate, e.g., requestor, requestor management, information systems, budget, purchasing):
Kerry Keith, Senior Director of Airport Development and Facilities

Prospective vendors are requested to provide information regarding their ability to supply the commodities or contractual services described. If it is determined in writing by the agency, after reviewing any information received from prospective vendors, that the commodities or contractual services are available only from a single source, the agency shall: provide notice of its intended decision to enter a single-source purchase contract in the manner specified in Section 120.57(3), F.S.

Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed in Section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes, or failure to file a bond or other security within the time allowed for filing a bond, shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under Chapter 120, Florida Statutes.

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Notice of Intended Decision Single Source Contract Plastic-View 8.9.2022

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