Noise Compatibility Committee

Established in 1997, the Noise Compatibility Committee comprises local residents and volunteers who donate their time and expertise to help maintain a high quality of life in Naples.

The nine-member committee meets regularly to review the Airport Noise Abatement Program and make appropriate recommendations to airport staff and the authority. Committee members and airport staff are available to give presentations and answer any aircraft noise-related questions.

Noise Compatibility Committee Voting Members
Andrew BennettCounty
John KuntzActive Pilot3/31/
Harvey CohenCounty at Large3/31/
Julie SchmelzleNortheast Quadrant3/31/
Gary PriceNaples City Council2/6/
Chris Auron, Vice ChairNorthwest Quadrant3/31/
James GilliganSouthwest Quadrant3/31/
Cliff Holland, ChairCity at Large3/31/
Richard KrawczunSoutheast Quadrant3/31/

To contact the representative for your area or for more information about the Noise Compatibility Committee, please call Diane Cooper, Deputy Executive Director, at (239) 643-0733 or email

Noise Compatibility Committee 2021 Meeting Schedule

  • January 28
  • May 4
  • November 4