Safety Hazard Form

The Naples Airport Authority is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees, tenants, users, and the general public and has established an SMS to facilitate that goal. Your cooperation is vitally important for assisting in identifying and correcting safety hazards. By completing this form, you are adding critical information that can be used to determine measures to avoid future accidents, incidents, and other events that could compromise safety.

All information you provide on this report will remain ANONYMOUS and STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL unless you opt in to identify yourself and indicate that you would be willing to participate in any follow-up investigations. In all cases, the NAA’s policy is to promote a “Just Culture” whereby employees who provide voluntary reports that involve or otherwise implicate themselves or others are not disciplined for “honest errors” but are held accountable for willful violations or gross negligence. Thank you for participating in the effort to make APF a safer airport to protect you, your coworkers, its users, and the community.

Incident Time
Hazard Location
Equipment Involved (check one or more)
Human Factors (check one or more)
Consequences (check one or more)
Contributing Factors (check one or more)