Collier County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) commemorated the launch of their new MedFlight helicopter on Thursday, March 18. Collier County EMS MedFlight headquarters located at the Naples Airport.

The brand-new Airbus H135T3H helicopter is here to help serve our community and is designated as MedFlight1. The previous aircraft will continue to assist as a spare, which is the first time that Collier County’s lifesaving MedFlight program has had a spare aircraft in its 40+ years of service!
“This new MedFlight helicopter will improve our ability to treat patients during flight with increased space for paramedics and medical equipment,” said Chief Tabatha Butcher, Collier County EMS. “During emergencies, receiving a high-level of care quickly is a top priority. Helicopters have always been good at transporting patients rapidly. Now, we can more effectively deliver critical care, while also cutting response and transport times.”

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