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overview-smallThe "Water Management System Improvements & Taxiway "A" Extension" project is part of a multi-year study of airport stormwater runoff along with evaluations of Best Management Practices. The objective is to improve airport safety by reducing wildlife attractants, while still meeting all state and federal water quality and quantity management requirements.

floatingplaneThe water-management system improvements include master drainage planning, pre-project water quality and wildlife monitoring, computational fluid dynamics modeling, permitting, construction of baffles to redirect water moving through existing ponds and post-project water monitoring. The project also includes the extension of Taxiway A to provide easier access to the end of Runway 23. The extension will enhance airport safety and operations by eliminating the need for aircraft leaving from the east side of the airport to cross the active runway to take off.

wildlife-smallThe City of Naples Airport Authority has secured initial grants totaling almost $1.2 million from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Florida Department of Transportation for the project. Additional grants are expected to fund 95 percent of the $8 million-plus project, scheduled to launch in Spring 2013, as well as two years of monitoring the results of the water-management system improvements. If performance monitoring confirms predictions, the water-management system improvements may become a regional or national model.


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