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 Naples Municipal Airport
Summary of the Part 150 Noise Study Update

The City of Naples Airport Authority, with unanimous agreement of the Noise Compatibility Committee, is redirecting its focus and resources from the Part 150 Noise Study Update to improved implementation of existing noise abatement procedures.

  • The Part 150 Study confirmed that existing FAA approved procedures continue to represent the best noise abatement approach and that it would be most productive to use the remaining Part 150 budget to focus on improved implementation.
  • The Part 150 Study shows that off-airport aircraft noise exposure does not reach the levels that FAA considers incompatible with commercial or recreational land uses; FAA would not consider those land uses in approving changes in existing procedures.
  • Existing FAA approvals were based on noise analyses when airport activity and noise exposure levels were significantly higher and provided a stronger justification for noise abatement:        
                                                      Total Annual Takeoffs and Landings in 2005            163,434
                                                      Total Annual Takeoffs and Landings in 2009-10        86,187                                          


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